Programme Effectiveness

Programme Effectiveness

 “Smoke-free Training Camp” (formerly known as “Smoke-free Youth Ambassador Leadership Training Camp”) enhanced different skills of the participants:


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 Enhance participants’ knowledge on smoking hazards and more positive attitude to tobacco control:


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Source: : Survey of “Smoke-free Teens Programme 2017-2018”

Voice of the Participants
St. Catharine's School For Girls (Champion of 2016-2017) Cheng Ching-wan

I spent half year to plan and organize the smoke-free activities and promote smoke-free lifestyle. I never regret joining the programme as what I learned and experienced were invaluable and could not be found in school. It is a very precious memory. Besides, my father had reduced his tobacco consumption with my support and encouragement!

Lingnan Dr. Chung Wing Kwong Memorial Secondary School (First runner-up of 2016-2017)

Through participating in the programme, we learnt about the hazards of smoking, as well as the impact of secondhand smoke on smokers’ family, friends and even pets.


Being a Smoke-free Teens, we are grateful that positive messages were disseminated to the public through our smoke-free promotion activities.

N.T. Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School (Second runner-up of 2016-2017)

The team shared that they learned how to encourage family and friends to quit smoking with patience and care through this programme. They overcame their fears to promote smoke-free messages on streets and were satisfied with the results of their activities.