Outstanding Smoke-free Activities


The Smoke-free Teens fully utilized the knowledge and skills learned from training camps to disseminate smoke-free messages in their schools and community.


Over 250 youngsters, aged 14 to 18, from more than 20 secondary schools enrolled for the 2017-18 programme. They joined a 2-day-1-night leadership training camp last summer and applied their knowledge to initiate more than 120 innovative smoke-free activities in their schools and the community, reaching more than 32,000 citizens from all walks of life between September and December 2017.


Smoke-free Teens became more proficient in organizing activities to reach the general public and well utilized the social media for publicity. Activities included inviting YouTubers to promote a smoke-free lifestyle through video, field trip to Japan and producing video to study the effectiveness of designated smoking areas on streets, and creating mascots and props for street promotion to educate the public on smoking hazards.

Outstanding Smoke-free Activities
St. Catherine’s School For Girls (Champion of 2016-2017)

The team organized a series of activities under the theme of “Start Young for a Smoke-free Hong Kong”. They systematically sent letters to invite kindergartens and primary schools in the district to participate in a series of activities, such as slogan design competition and colouring competition. In a joyful learning environment, children got to know the importance of having a smoke-free healthy lifestyle and refrained themselves from taking the first cigarette in the future.


Besides, the team also strived to cultivate smoke-free culture in the community by providing forced vital capacity test to disseminate information of smoking hazards and smoking cessation, reaching over 3,600 citizens.

Lingnan Dr. Chung Wing Kwong Memorial Secondary School (First Runner-up of 2016-2017)

The team organized the "Love, Smoke-free" Healthy School Programme, which was supported by the principal, teachers and schoolmates. Activities included slogan competition and game booths in school which successfully attracted most of the teachers and students to participate. In addition, they also tailored activities for different target audience, such as inviting couples and newlyweds to make a smoke-free commitment and distributing reminder card to pets’ owner, to help the public to understand the importance of a smoke-free lifestyle.

N.T. Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School (Second Runner-up of 2016-2017)

The programme reached various sectors though diversified activities, including elderly centre visit, co-operation with kindergartens and youth centres to deliver smoke-free message to students in an interesting way, video production and street promotion. They also made a good use of social media to promote the programme and encourage the schoolmates to join.