Outstanding Smoke-free Activities

Outstanding Smoke-free Activities

The Smoke-free Teens fully utilized the knowledge and skills learned from training camps to disseminate smoke-free messages in their schools and community.


Around 200 youngsters, aged 14 to 18, from more than 20 secondary schools and uniform groups enrolled for the 2019-2020 programme. They joined a 2-day-1-night leadership training camp last summer and applied their knowledge to initiate more than 60 innovative smoke-free activities in their schools and the community, reaching more than 10,000 citizens from all walks of life between September and December 2019.


Smoke-free Teens became more proficient in organizing activities to reach the general public and well utilized the social media for publicity. 

Outstanding teams
Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College
(Team 2) (Champion of 2019-2020)
slide 10 陳瑞芝

The team produced a series of creative videos named “Take a closer look at smoking hazards from different perspectives”, which illustrated the hazards of smoking from different angles, including biological, geographical, social work and Liberal Studies, etc. They also set up game booths in school to share smoke-free information through an interactive way, and worked with other schools to design and distribute cards to motivate smokers quitting. The team also prepared a questionnaire to evaluate the results of activities, the team’s activities spread smoke-free messages to around 1,800 individuals in total with an enthusiastic response.


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Lingnan Dr Chung Wing Kwong Memorial Secondary School (First Runner-up of 2019-2020)
slide 10 鍾榮光

The team organised variety of creative smoke-free activities under the theme “Smoke-free, walk together” which connected with over 1,600 people, including interactive game booths, Chinese writing competition and parent seminars on alternative smoking products to enhance awareness at school. Besides, they produced short films and DIY cards to penetrate smoke-free messages in the community. The team carried out street interviews to collect public views on latest tobacco control measures at other countries.


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Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School (Second Runner-up of 2019-2020)
slide 10 棉枋會

The team produced a video with reference to a popular variety show “The Rap of China”, and it highlighted the consequences of smoking and highlight the benefit of smoking cessation in a humorous way. Other activities held including hosting interactive game booths, collecting signatures for support at school and distributing promotional collaterals at their district, as well as setting up an Instagram account to promote the messages through social media.


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