Quiz 1

Take the challenge now to see if you are the Smoke-free Master!

Please answer all the questions

Q1. 1. What is/are the benefit(s) of quitting smoking?

Q2. When is the “World No Tobacco Day”?

Q3. Which organization(s) do(es) provide smoking cessation services?

Q4. What toxic chemical substance(s) is/are found in e-cigarettes?

Q5. Is the nicotine in waterpipe tobacco less than traditional cigarette?

Q6. The amendment of Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance was passed by the Legislative Council in June 2017 to enlarge the size of pictorial health warnings from 50% to how many percent of the cigarette pack area?

Q7. When was the first legislation on tobacco control in Hong Kong, the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance (Cap.371), enacted?

Q8. Which information below will be shown on the new pictorial health warnings of cigarette pack with effective on 21 June 2018?

Q9. Which Government department should you report to if you found someone smoking in statutory no smoking area?

Q10. When did China signed the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control?